5 Messaging Strategies to Create a Strong, Consistent Brand

Is your messaging consistent across all channels, all the time? With an exploding number of sales and marketing channels, most marketing directors would say “no” to this question. If you fall into this category, the good news is that there are simple strategies that can help build a consistent messaging across all your channels. Here are five proven ways to increase the consistency of your message and brand and rise above the often inconsistent, chaotic noise of the internet.

  1. Develop Messaging Guidelines
    Create an online style guide that’s available to everyone who works with your brand. This includes the obvious elements of your mission statement and how to refer to products, services and other terminology, as well as more specifics, such as unique grammar rules that you follow and when to use trademarks.
  2. Don’t Forget Internal Branding
    The consistency of your brand doesn’t only include customer-facing messaging. Your brand voice should also resonate with those who create the brand experience. With a brand-centric culture initiative, employees can buy into the brand. Opportunities to strengthen internal branding include ensuring onboarding and training programs include brand values, providing branded items (mugs, shirts, business cards, etc.), and encouraging employees to advocate for the brand through tools like Everyone Social.
  3. Provide Employee Access to Logo and Design Elements
    There is nothing positive about a logo being stretched out of proportion, pixelated or modified in a way that’s incongruent with your brand. To prevent these mishaps, create a shared folder with Google Drive or other file sharing tool that enables employees to access approved visual content and details on how to use them. If employees use slide decks, include an approved branded deck theme that can be used for webinars and other presentations. And, provide social media photos for employees who use Everyone Social or other tools to advocate for the brand.
  4. Create a Brand Content Calendar
    All topics for webinars, videos, blog posts and other forms of content should be aligned with your brand. With a calendar, you can clearly map out the who, what, how, why and when to create and curate content that delivers a consistent, drumbeat of brand messaging that also offers expertise and insight that is valuable to your audiences.
  5. Stick to Platforms and Channels that Fit with Your Brand Identity
    With evolving marketing trends and ongoing development of new marketing platforms, it’s easy to get distracted. However, not every new opportunity is right for your business. Before becoming an early adopter or following the crowd, take the time to evaluate the offering and determine if it makes sense for your brand.

Are You Building a Consistent Brand Experience?
As the opportunities to send your brand message far and wide increase, the chance of missteps grows. The temptation to do more and do it sooner can lead to confusing, distracting and damaging communications that hurt your brand. However, with a methodical approach to messaging and a few strategies to build consistency, you can create a brand that is strong across every channel.

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