How to Prepare for a Zoom Meeting: Checklist for Speakers

Learning how to prepare for Zoom meetings and virtual presentations will enable you to comfortably and confidently deliver engaging messages with impact. This 8-point-guide serves as your foundation for impactful and professional online meetings. 1. Your Internet Speed (Bandwidth) Internet speed, known as “bandwidth” is the most important part of your ability to attend online meetings. Your audio, video and screen share all depend on and go through your internet connection and your speed can

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An Extra Pair of Digital Hands

Need an extra pair of digital hands for digital marketing services such as content creation and content visibility? Connected Culture is the first and only digital marketing agency specifically designed to save marketing directors from burnout. Contact a digital marketing specialist today and ask about our free digital marketing profitability analysis.

3 Tips to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Success

It’s a new year with new strategies for successfully growing your brand online. The days of simply putting up a great looking website or managing a Facebook page are coming to a close. Success now means knowing how to be one step ahead of your audience — and your competitors — when it comes to your online presence. The following three digital marketing tips can help you make this happen! A Return to Simplicity While

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