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We think social media marketing is a fun and exciting aspect of digital marketing, and we can help you feel that way about it too. Measurable results take the mystery out of social media marketing.

Consumers trust peers over an advertisement every day of the week.

That’s why ours is the Social Media Agency NYC turns to for social media marketing services to help take your brand from corporate entity to friend in the eyes of consumers.

Social media takes a lot of work. Most organizations require more than one account and each account needs care and attention on a daily basis. That’s a heavy burden for a marketing director with a plate that’s already too full. That’s why we run social marketing campaigns from start to finish, including providing the measurable results that prove your efforts are profitable.

Social Media Marketing that Meets Your Organization’s Needs
Every brand is unique, and your social media efforts will have to be unique to your organization. From choosing the right platforms to providing regular, engaging content, we’ve got your covered!

Which social media platform is going to create the most profitability for your organization? It’s all about the industry your organization is in and the audience that you need to target. It’s a mistake to treat social media as an all or nothing venture. Leaving out social media gives your competition all of your potential social business, but trying to operate every platform is a recipe for a lot of poorly run accounts. You have to know the strengths of each social media platform.

     Facebook – With more than 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is the first name in social media. If your customers aren’t here, they’re probably not online. Facebook gives you the chance to provide daily status updates, post content and utilize many different sponsored ad features.

     Twitter – Whether you need a digital way to provide 24/7 customer service, or you want to be able to make company announcements quickly, Twitter provides a great platform for expanding your brand’s reach and improving brand perception.

     Instagram – When you want to make an instant impact with visual content, Instagram provides the platform you need. From stunning images to 60-second videos, Instagram is the best way to communicate with Millennials and the ever-growing community of more than 1 billion active users.

     Pinterest – This is the most female-centric form of social media and a great way to connect with your female customers long-term. The average Pinterest post has a 3.5-month half-life meaning that it takes more than a quarter year for a post to get passed around to half the users who will eventually interact with it. No other social platform provides that kind of longevity for post interaction.

Is there another social platform that is right for your business such as LinkedIn, YouTube or Snapchat? Let Connected Culture, the social media agency NYC trusts, help you navigate the noise of the social media marketing world.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Measurable Results
The bigwigs upstairs don’t care how many likes and comments your latest post got. They want to see metrics that prove social media translates into dollar signs.

Engagement is a great way to see if your campaign is working, but the amount of traffic your social accounts drive to your website and the sales that result are the real figures that are going to matter to executives.

Connected Culture understands that you need something tangible to report if you are going to spend money on social media. That’s why we crunch the numbers in a way that makes it easy for management to understand how social campaigns are improving the company’s bottom line. Contact our social media agency today.

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