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Why Did My Campaign Fail? 3 Rookie Email Marketing Mistakes

According to Hubspot, in 2017, 63% of 4,500 professionals thought that generating traffic and leads was the biggest challenge their company faced. With any challenging task, there is a chance of failure. Email marketing campaigns are no exception. Marketing flops can feel devastating. After all of your team’s diligent hard work, extensive brainstorming, and careful planning, how could something have gone wrong? Before you start panicking and poring over the analytics, and before even talking

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Yikes! Marketing Mistakes To Avoid With A Millennial Audience

According to Pew Research Center, millennials will outnumber the baby boomer generation by 2019. Every generation is different. It makes sense to shift your marketing tactics to target your next generation of buyers. But targeting millennial audiences requires businesses to unlearn traditional marketing practices. Instead, marketing directors have to adopt new marketing strategies altogether. This can be challenging and often leads to marketing directors making common mistakes. To help you make the generation shift, here are

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4 Stress Relief Tips To Help Marketing Directors Avoid Burnout

Marketing can be a truly rewarding job where you get to see the fruits of your efforts almost immediately. For instance, B2B companies that blogged 11 times a month in 2015 were three times as likely to receive traffic compared to those who only blogged once. Yet, as a marketing director, that same job can be highly stressful and the potential for burnout is a real threat. To help avoid burnout, here are a few

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Avoid These Common Mistakes In The New Product Development Process

One of your most important jobs in corporate digital marketing is ensuring the blood, sweat, and tears that go into new product development results in an impressive ROI. When you and your team fail to properly handle the product development process, it can result in a series of unfortunate events that won’t be as entertaining to experience as the popular book series. To help you avoid these critical errors, consider the following common mistakes you

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Listening to Uncle Louie? How to Filter Digital Marketing Advice

When you’re in the position of making important digital marketing decisions that impact the success of your entire organization, it’s natural to seek out advice from those who can offer some guidance. And, a solid opinion can go a long way when it comes from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. However, it’s important to carefully consider your sources for advice. Most people have an innate desire to help others, and many fancy themselves as

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Is Lack of Marketing Planning and Research Sabotaging Your Success?

While successful marketers place a lot of focus on the execution of marketing strategies, they also know that the underlying foundation for success is ongoing marketing planning and research. As marketing becomes increasingly complex and digitized, the need for well-thought out planning and in-depth research only continues to increase. Still many marketers make the common mistake of “winging it” and not investing sufficient time in the essential preliminary work and then are dismayed by disappointing

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