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Connected Culture provides for all of your digital content creation wants and needs, so your marketing campaigns can produce the optimal ROI.

Give your marketing campaigns a shot of adrenaline and take the world by storm with high-quality content that meets all of your organization’s unique needs. Everyone has heard the adage that content is king in the digital marketing world. Connected Culture makes sure your content is fit for a king and is not just the standard online fodder.

When you need content for ongoing efforts or a special campaign, that content needs to be something that will grab the attention of consumers. Writing merely for search engines rather than for people is a good way to alienate both. That’s why our NYC digital marketing agency’s content creation focuses on quality rather than keyword stuffing.

Plus, we recognize that we live in a visual world. You can’t just feed consumers long pages of text and expect to create engagement.  Social media is particularly visually focused. When it comes to giving consumers the type of content they want, you have to provide the right mix of visual and written content to provide entertainment along with education. That’s where the real value for consumers is, and when you provide value, your customers provide value back.

Content Creation Services
What can you expect from Connected Culture’s first-class content creation? Everything you need for managing marketing campaigns from start to finish.

   SEO Web Pages – Website content that performs. Customer-centric content that also catches the attention of search engines is a winning combo.

  SEO Blog Posts – Keep readers coming back for more and show search engines that your site content is always increasing with frequent blog updates.

  Regular Blog Posts – Even if you don’t use a specified keyword for each article, keeping your blog updated will still boost your ranking, and high-quality articles provide reader engagement.

  Image-Based Social Media Posts – The whole world is visual and on social media. Connected Culture can help you give the people what they want.

  Infographics – Provide informative and valuable content in a way that is easy to absorb, and that is shareable.

  Social Media Posts

  • Facebook – More than 1.5 billion people are actively using Don’t miss out on your largest audience.
  • Twitter – 140 characters isn’t a lot to work with. You want well-crafted posts that create engagement and improve your brand’s reach.
  • Instagram – The world’s fastest growing social media platform (especially among Millennials) is the perfect place for engaging imagery and video content.
  • Pinterest – The most heavily female-centric social platform also provides months of engagement on each post.

  Traditional Print Content – Exciting brochures, flyers, and more to meet your needs at trade shows.

  Design and Layout for Printed Content – Branding is all about uniformity. Everything your brand produces needs to convey the same look and feel.

   PPC and Sponsored Ad Campaigns – Spend your precious ad dollars the right way to maximize ROI.

Free yourself from the burden of creating, posting, and managing that mountain of content that is needed for the modern business. Connected Culture provides the digital content creation services that allow you to navigate the noise of the digital marketing world while maintaining your sanity.

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