If we had to sum up what we do, saying we’re just a digital marketing agency is really just the beginning. The fact is, we’re a team of award-winning solutions providers for busy marketing directors like you, here to help you navigate the noise of the digital marketing world, successfully get out from under that impossible workload…and really impress your boss.

We Measure Our Success by your Triumphs

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no shortage of people claiming to be gurus. So how can you be sure Connected Culture is the right digital marketing agency to turn your digital campaigns into successes? We are a metric driven agency delivering tangible evidence of digital marketing ROI. We provide you with all of the key performance indicators that you need to show CMOs and other executives that your campaigns are a success — and that your department is profitable.

Today’s marketing channels are ever-evolving. And always scope-creeping. Getting content development, cross-channel campaign planning, and other digital marketing projects off your plate allows you the opportunity to breathe. To learn. To shine. Consider Connected Culture your digital marketing partners. Together, we’ll navigate the noise.

Meet Jerry Allocca, Author of Connected Culture – The Ultimate Digital Marketing Resource Book, and Founder of Connected Culture, Inc.

Hi, I’m Jerry Allocca. I’m a lucky guy. I do something I love, I get to work with a lot of awesome people, and I get to feed my obsession for digital marketing by partnering, helping – and learning from –organizations like yours. My mission in life is to help you, the overworked marketing director, navigate the noise of digital marketing and look like a digital guru to your boss. The joy for me is when Connected Culture can help you succeed.

I’m not only a published digital marketing author, but I’m also a digital marketing instructor at Hofstra University CE. I lead a local trade association for marketing and communications, and I speak at conferences and seminars throughout the country. I’ve spent over 34,000 hours honing my digital marketing skills. There’s been a lot of studying, a lot of practicing, and even some failure along the way; but, in the end, I’ve achieved digital marketing Nirvana, and have developed the most effective and easy to implement digital marketing strategies in existence.

I’m not saying all of this to toot my own horn. I just want you to know why I have an outstanding reputation in the digital marketing industry as well as my local community and why my brand, Connected Culture, is your winning partner for digital marketing. I can interpret the noise of the digital marketing world into plain English, and I know the secret to making your customers engage and buy twice as fast.

Here’s to quieting the digital noise, and to your digital marketing success!

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