Simple Tips To Relieve The Stress Of Your Marketing Team This Winter

Stress can come from many different sources for marketing teams including poor goal setting, inadequate resources, or even a lack of training. But, if you’ve noticed that your marketing team is feeling the pressure more often this season, the problem could actually be the weather.

While your entire team may not experience Seasonal Affective Disorder as a whole, the winter blues are a real thing that can take a toll on your team during this chilly season.

So how can you keep your productivity high and your stress levels low among your marketing team this winter?

Make sure your team has the technology they need

When days are warmer and brighter, your marketing team may not be as drained by the unnecessary labor that comes with working around old technology. But, during the winter months when people are more likely to be fatigued due to shorter days, old technology can quickly drain your team’s energy and increase stress.

If you haven’t already updated the tech in your office, now may be one of the best times to do it. The right tech will boost your marketing automation and analytics tools, which can give your marketing team the ability to execute and measure results without a major group effort.

Make sure your team has enough light

Sunlight has been known to improve people’s moods and to make them more productive. During the winter, the sun rises later and sets earlier, which means your employees won’t be getting as much exposure to sunlight.

To keep your employees happy and to reduce eye strain, make sure that your office is well-lit so your employees can see their work.

Outsource digital marketing services

Many companies these days are outsourcing digital marketing services like PPC and content marketing. This gives marketing teams the ability to really dive deep into their work and be more productive.

If your marketing team is starting to sag under the stress not only during the winter months but also year round, it may be time to consider outsourcing.

Looking to outsource a professional digital marketing agency?

According to HubSpot, B2B companies that blogged 11 times a month or more received three-times more traffic compares to those who only blogged once a month. When you outsource digital marketing services, you can focus more on your content and other marketing services while your new team takes some of the weight off your shoulders.

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