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Connected Culture understands the key principles of search engine optimization. Use the knowledge and experience of our SEO agency to get to page one and impress executives.

Why Choose Connected Culture as your SEO agency?

Search engine optimization is the focus of many digital marketing agencies, so what sets Connected Culture apart? It’s our integrated approach to content, visibility, paid search and organic traffic. Our NYC SEO agency treats SEO as part of the overall marketing strategy instead of the digital marketing Alpha and Omega. That means content is always focused on quality instead of keyword stuffing, PPC campaigns support SEO efforts instead of competing with them, and focus is placed on the quality of your search engine traffic instead of just the quantity.Don’t fall for self-proclaimed SEO gurus who promise the world and then use black hat techniques to provide short-term results that end up in manual penalties from Google. SEO isn’t about quick tricks for getting to the top. It is about establishing authority through hard work and quality.  We can show you the way!

Elements of a Strong SEO Campaign
When it comes to SEO, you want staying power. That’s why Connected Culture implements every element of strong SEO principles.

     SEO-Friendly Content – When content is engaging and keeps consumers on your website longer, that does more for your rank than using the same phrase over and over ever could.  High-quality content can  make the difference between a high ranking being a flash in the pan as opposed to having staying power the results in long-term traffic.

     SEO Metadata – Metadata serves the dual purpose of letting search engines know what to look for on your page while convincing someone to click your link when you do appear on the search results page. A well-created title and description can make the difference between getting that click or seeing consumers scroll by to a competitor’s site.

    High-Quality Links – The quality of your links and backlinks can result in penalties if sites are spammy or not trusted by Google. Linking to the right websites and producing the kind of content that gets you backlinks from the right sources are important factors in ranking high on Google.

   Website Hierarchy – Are your H1 and H2 tags using the right keywords? You need people and search engines alike to be able to quickly scan your content and know that this is exactly what they were looking for.

   Social Media Accounts – Active social media accounts are becoming an important part of ranking. Cultivate strong social accounts to get content shared and remember to link back to your website regularly.

   User Engagement to Reduce Bounce Rate – If people take one look at your site and leave/bounce, search engines will quickly reduce your rank. This is where quality leapfrogs your site over the competition.

All of these and other time-tested methods that don’t fluctuate with ever-changing algorithms are part of the strategy that Connected Culture, a Long Island and NYC SEO agency, brings to the table. Contact us today.

Connected Culture Has Literally Written the Book on SEO
We do more than just provide content and run profitable marketing campaigns. We know how to help you succeed at driving organic traffic to your site.
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