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How Can I Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

Up to 92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business, according to Social Media Examiner. Yet, 88% of marketers say they want to know how to measure their return on investment for social media activities.

One of the biggest struggles marketing directors face is measuring their return on investments for their digital activities, which is why it’s important to know how to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

What’s the difference between a digital marketing campaign and a strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is the set of actions you take to achieve your marketing team’s overarching goal. Your strategy is different from your digital marketing campaign in that the campaigns are the steps on the ladder leading you toward your marketing goal.

That said, you need to create an effective digital marketing strategy before you can start creating campaigns and measuring your return on investments. But where can you start when creating a strategy that works for your company?

Here are five steps you can take toward developing an effective digital marketing strategy of your own:

    1. Create your target audience. You need to know who you’re marketing to. Create a well-rounded characterization of the person you’re targeting your material toward.
    2. Identify the digital marketing tools you’ll need. Whatever your marketing goal is, you need to be able to measure it and to have the digital marketing tools you need to measure the data.
    3. Analyze your existing assets. Before you consider incorporating more digital marketing assets into your strategy, evaluate the assets you already have to keep from getting overwhelmed.
    4. Plan your media campaigns. Once you’ve evaluated the assets you have, plan your owned, earned, and paid media campaigns and put everything into a spreadsheet so you have a clear idea of what’s ahead of you.
    5. Wrap everything together. Consider how your campaigns will help you reach your overarching marketing goals.

Do you need a social media marketing agency?

It’s no secret marketing directors have it tough and that keeping up with digital marketing and social media marketing can be stressful. That’s why Connected Culture offers digital marketing services to marketing directors just like you to help you manage the whirlwind.

Whether you’re looking for social media marketing assistance, PPC strategies, or help with video marketing, Connected Culture has you covered. To learn more about our digital marketing services and how your company can benefit from our agency, contact Connected Culture today.

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