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The Right Color Scheme Can Help You Create Great Visual Content

Three years ago, up to 72% of marketers said that the most effective SEO tactic was content creation. That’s still the case today and it will be tomorrow.

But while text-based content is important when it comes to engaging with your consumers and answering questions, visual content is just as vital to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, creating captivating visual content isn’t as simple as uploading a video onto your website’s main page.

So how can you grab the attention of your consumers through visual content?

The answer is in your color choices.

How do I choose the right color scheme?

We’ve all seen a website that has a design where something felt off. In many cases, it’s because the web designers chose the wrong color scheme.

When you choose a color scheme for your website, marketing campaign, or buyer’s guide, you’ll want to do the following:


    • Determine the context of the colors you’re choosing.


    • Consider the color wheel to identify analogous and complementary colors.


    • Opt for monochromatic colors that are in the same hue.


    • Create high contrast using a triadic color scheme.


    • Begin with one color and go from there.


When you look at the context of the colors you’re choosing, you’re looking at how the colors contrast with one another. Certain colors will appear harsher or softer depending on the colors they’re next to.

The color wheel is your best friend when you’re choosing a color scheme. By identifying analogous and complementary colors, you’re able to determine which colors will naturally go together while also being contrasting enough to stand out to your consumers.

Fortunately, if you’re still having trouble developing a color scheme for your project, you can use the help of a digital marketing agency.

Use a corporate digital marketing agency with the top experience you need

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