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Why Did My Campaign Fail? 3 Rookie Email Marketing Mistakes

According to Hubspot, in 2017, 63% of 4,500 professionals thought that generating traffic and leads was the biggest challenge their company faced. With any challenging task, there is a chance of failure. Email marketing campaigns are no exception.

Marketing flops can feel devastating. After all of your team’s diligent hard work, extensive brainstorming, and careful planning, how could something have gone wrong? Before you start panicking and poring over the analytics, and before even talking about solutions, evaluate your campaign and check for these common email marketing mistakes.

    1. You’re Writing Impersonal MessagesEmail is a very indirect, impersonal form of communication. Your audience knows that you send mass emails to long lists of people just like them. Make your audience feel wanted and welcome each time they open a message with a friendly greeting, ideally with their first name. People are used to being greeted– just as you want to feel welcome when walking into a clothing store, or when waiting to be seated as a restaurant, the first impression of a welcome greeting can be the difference between a click or an unsubscribe.
    2. You’re Using Vague Subject Lines 

      At best, subject lines with unclear messages bore or confuse recipients. At worst, they give the impression of spamming. Many of us are bombarded with dozens of emails every day, so why should we open yours? The subject line is the first information a recipient gets about what your email has to offer them. If it is not clear exactly what they might gain from opening your email, odds are, they’ll send it to the trash without ever reading beyond the subject line.

    3. You’re Not Optimizing for Phones 

      Today, mobile phones are used more than desktop computers and laptops for web browsing. Bring your campaign into this era and go mobile. Make absolutely sure that your emails are not only phone optimized, but phone ideal. Even if the email can be read from a phone, is it appealing? How do your graphics look? Is the text too small or too large for the screen? Even if your reader is interested in the message, they may give up and close it if they can’t find information quickly and easily.

You know your digital marketing company isn’t junk, but your recipients don’t. Junk mail is where your emails will end up if you fall for these rookie mistakes. Luckily, these common email marketing issues are all relatively simple fixes. By going back to basics, even new marketing directors can ensure their next email marketing campaign captivates their audience, boosts content visibility, and uplifts their team’s morale.

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