5 Marketing Terms You Need To Know As A Marketing Director

It’s no easy feat to run an impactful, measurable marketing campaign. But you can make your job easier by knowing some of the top marketing terms like the back of your hand.

Of course, certain marketing terms are more like umbrella terms. They can often come with a whole slew of other terms that may be necessary to get a better idea of what they mean.

That said, rather than giving a list of hundreds of marketing terms that may leave you feeling more confused than understood, here are the top five terms to give you a more in-depth look into your marketing field.

    1. Analytics. In marketing, analytics is the discovery and communication of patterns in your company data that are meaningful. It’s when you look at the data corresponding to your initiatives, analyze the trends, and develop actionable insights based on the data to create an informed marketing decision.
    2. A/B testing. A/B testing is the process of comparing two alternatives of a given variable. This determines which variation performs better. For instance, comparing two different calls-to-action.
    3. Conversion path. You may know the meaning of conversion rate, but the conversion path is the series of website-based events that lead to that conversion rate. Common conversion paths include calls-to-action, landing pages with a lead capture form, and a content offer page.
    4. Lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is also known as drip marketing. This is the practice of developing different communications that qualify as a lead. From there, the goal is to keep the lead engaged and pulling it gradually through the sales funnel.
    5. Marketing automation. Marketing automation goes hand-in-hand with lead nurturing. Marketing automation is the series of software platforms and tools used to create lead nurturing. It provides a more effective way to automate repetitive tasks and market on a variety of channels.


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Although there are many different marketing terms to know that can help you succeed as a marketing director, SEO is still an important part of marketing. In fact, up to 72% of marketers in 2015 said that content creation was the most effective SEO tactic.

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