Increase Conversions With This New Google Analytics Tool

Maximizing every dollar is important for all marketing leaders.  This means making sure the right audience is experiencing the right message at the right time. This isn’t always a simple task when it comes to digital engagement.

Fortunately, you have a new tool in your marketing arsenal that can improve your conversion rate and reduce the loss of potential customers. With Google Analytics, you now can create audiences to group together users based on any combination of attributes that are meaningful to your marketing goal.

For example, you can create an ad campaign that targets customers who have already purchased from your site. This is a fantastic opportunity to create messaging around a new offering or promotion that will enhance their customer experience. Or, let’s say you have an ebook on your website. You can target ads to just those visitors who have downloaded this digital asset.

Google suggests that you create audiences based on common criteria that most marketers find important such as:

  • All users
  • New users
  • Returning users
  • Users who visited a specific section of the site
  • Users who completed a goal conversion
  • Users who completed a transaction

Custom audiences can also be created based on demographics, behaviors, date of first session, traffic sources and more.

Whatever qualifications you choose to focus on, Google ads can be tailored to these specific criteria to create targeted campaigns which lead to a more relevant customer experience, and in turn, more conversions.

Getting visitors to your site is never easy. The key is communicating with them in a way that gets them there and encourages them to convert. With the new audiences report from Google Analytics, you get the valuable data you need to make better decisions about your targeting and your digital marketing campaigns.

Are you ready to increase your site traffic with the help of Google Analytics and don’t know where to start? Contact us today.

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