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The Essential Marketing Truths Every Marketing Director Should Keep In Mind

Marketing directors know more than anyone else that no answer to a digital marketing question is completely clear-cut. Each brand and audience is different, which makes it impossible for social media marketing solutions to be completely one-size-fits-all.

While it may be true that not every digital marketing agency will be able to use the same solutions and techniques to solve every marketing problem, there are some things in the industry that don’t change. Keep these following truths in mind as you navigate your company’s digital marketing services.

Audience engagement is more important than audience size

On the outside, it may seem important that your company has a certain number of followers and likes. This is because audience size does matter. All those likes, followers, and shares come from real people, and your overall reach makes a difference.

However, there are more important things. Many companies actually purchase their followers, and many of the “people” who like and follow a business on social media aren’t actually engaging with that company.

In order to gain a true following, one that will actually interact with your content and purchase your products, you need to analyze the followers you have. What do they engage with? How do they interact?

Asking these questions helps you better interact with your current audience, and engagement is the true test of whether your digital marketing campaigns are paying dividends. B2B companies who blog up to 11 times a month have been known to attract three times the amount of online traffic compared to those who blog only once or twice.

So the next time you’re feeling follower envy when analyzing your competitors’ social media accounts, remember that engagement often matters much more than size.

Quality is in the eye of the beholder

Every digital marketing agency will agree that posting high-quality content is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and to increase your SEO rankings. However, many companies often focus on an ideal quality they believe they need to reach in order to improve their online rankings.

This isn’t always necessary.

The quality of your content isn’t determined by the marketing experts. It’s determined by your audience. This is because it isn’t marketing experts who are purchasing your product, but specific target audiences.

Therefore, what may seem low-quality and terrible to one audience may seem hilarious and modern to another. One of the best ways, then, to improve the quality of your marketing is to look at not just your audience but what your audience responds to. For instance, millennial humor has been called strange, weird, and surreal by many. All those gifs. But if millennials are your target audience, use those gifs to your advantage.

Not every marketing solution is tailored specifically to your digital marketing agency and brand. However, there are certain aspects of the industry that marketing directors can agree aren’t always subject to change: engagement and quality content.

Of course, keeping up with these truths isn’t always easy. To keep your company engaged and consistently producing high-quality content relative to your audience, contact Connected Culture today.

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