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Are You Buying Digital Marketing Services Based Solely on Price?

When it comes to digital marketing solutions, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles perhaps said it best, “You better shop around.”

While it’s natural to want to choose the lowest price option, this strategy often comes back to bite those who select digital marketing agencies and solutions based solely on price.

What Is the Value of Your Brand?

If someone asked you to damage your brand in front of potential customers for $500 would you take the offer? Probably not. Yet, this is often what happens when you choose a digital marketing solution or service provider based solely on price. Instead of paying for services that do little to represent your organization in a positive light, investing slightly more time and money often generates far better results.

So, how can you decipher the difference between cheap and good value when choosing digital marketing services? Here are five questions to ask:

What is your digital marketing experience?

A proven provider will be able to show you plenty of examples and case studies that match the objectives you have for your organization. If they can’t produce any, it’s a possibility that you are the one that has been selected to build their skills in a specific area. Are you willing to pay them for that?

Can you scale up?

There is a learning curve for any digital marketing services provider to understand your brand and products or services. You want a team that can grow as you grow. If not, you’ll be reinvesting time and money when you need to make a switch. How to avoid this? Look for a partner who has the capabilities to grow with you and not just a supplier with the lowest rates and overhead costs.

Are you accessible?

Low-priced digital marketing service providers may be located outside of your local area. While the Internet has made it possible to work collaboratively with anyone, anywhere in the world, it doesn’t mean they will. Some providers may be more interested in getting you as a client and getting paid than actually performing the work. Whether they are local or not, it’s important to understand the level of contact you’ll have.

Can we brainstorm?

Inspired ideas are a result of open dialog. Regardless of what you’re paying, you want a provider that values communication, creativity and collaboration. It’s rarely a good idea to choose a provider who thrives on a lack of conversation. If you only get the basics, but nothing more, it may not be enough to sustain a long-term relationship.

What if there’s a crisis?

Expect the best, prepare for the worst. An unexpected positive or negative event can dramatically impact your marketing strategy. Whether it’s the downfall of a competitor in your industry or a natural disaster that impacts your local area, you want to have a digital marketing provider that is prepared to collaborate with you in the best possible way.

Yes. Price is always a consideration, but it should never be the sole consideration when it comes to any provider or solution that can impact your brand. By doing some due diligence and yes, comparing prices, you can determine the best option for your specific needs.

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