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3 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game

One of the key challenges for marketing directors is ensuring your social media marketing strategy is not only up to date, but ahead of the game. Social media and digital technology evolve and move at such a pace that it’s critical to plan your company’s marketing strategy in correlation with the future to be in the now.

To help inform your company’s digital marketing strategy, here are some of the incoming social media marketing trends to be aware of:

  1. Combining social media marketing and influencer marketing
    Americans rely heavily on product reviews because they trust the opinions of their peers. This is why YouTube reviews are so popular. By combining social media marketing strategy with a person of influence (someone popular or with leverage on social media), your marketing becomes more natural and genuine. A good review from an influential voice via social media will widen your audience.
  2. Combining high quality content and emerging social media
    Your company’s audience is more likely to value your content when it exhibits higher quality rather than higher quantity. Use that high quality focus and transfer it to the different mediums social media provides. Snapchat is a great way to capture your audience’s attention with a high-quality photo. Videos with a creative perspective and interesting content is also more likely to be watched and shared on multiple social media websites.
  3. Creating more emotional and creative content marketing
    Impersonal social media posts made through Facebook are a great way to have your audience overlook your company completely. The first step to content visibility is to make it so your content is worthy of being visible. High-quality content stands out. But what stands out more is the high-quality content that’s passionate, creative, and inspirational. It impacts your audience on a deeper level, which tells them your company is worth paying attention to. This kind of marketing will also put you ahead of your competitors; only 32% of B2B marketers had a content marketing strategy according a 2015 study by The Content Marketing Institute.

Social media and digital technology move at an incredible pace. Staying up to date means looking ahead in order to plan a marketing strategy that will impress your audience as well as your boss.

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