It’s a sign of the times. Marketing directors are facing new and rapidly growing challenges in this age of digital marketing. Their environment has been turned upside down with the addition of social media channels, real-time data, search engine optimization, and increased competition. No organization can ignore the fact that the vital role of marketing director is at risk due to frustration and burnout.

More Important Than Ever

While marketing directors have been spread thin, their value has become more important than ever. With it increasingly difficult to compete on price and product, brand positioning, messaging and marketing strategy has become pivotal to success.

The Threats Are Real!
Each day, marketing directors are faced with new challenges that make their jobs more difficult

» Evolving changes in consumer behavior

» New social media channels

» Updates to search engine algorithms

» Opportunities for PPC advertising

» Online reviews

» Increasing analytical tools

» Privacy issues

» Cross-over between customer service and marketing

Together, We Can Achieve Results!

At Connected Culture, we know what makes marketing directors tick. We also have a deep understanding of the latest marketing strategies and innovations, along with the expertise to give marketing directors the support they truly need.

Due to advances in digital technology, today’s marketing directors have ten times the work they did just a mere generation ago. Yet, executive teams often don’t understand that sometimes even the most talented marketing professionals need a little help and guidance to prevent them from being bombarded with marketing planning, implementation and follow-through. What marketing directors need is a resource that understands and has the systems in place to give them back their life and sanity while helping to make their plans and strategies more effective and productive.

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